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San Francisco. The name itself conjures up thoughts of glittering blue waters, steaming clam chowder, barking sea lions, and golden sunsets. This peninsula brims with history and culture. It's nearly impossible to settle on a nickname for this city. At one time it was called, "The Paris of the West." According to Caleb Garling at TheBoldItalic.com, this nickname was likely a hook to lull Easterners to the West. At other times this city was called, "The Golden City." The name sounds grand and luxurious. It reminds us of the gold rush, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the golden sunsets. In contrast, locals often simply say, "The City." And some, with tongue in cheek, call it, "Fog City". It may be a surprise to some, but the names "Frisco" or "San Fran" are not local vernacular. Yes, "Frisco" was the name of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway, but it's not a name that captures the vibrant culture of this peninsula. Perhaps the best choice is simply, "The City by the Bay." It's simple and straightforward. And it subtly hints at all of the dynamic energy, passion, and culture that's nestled along this glorious Bay.

Finding Your Way

San Francisco is jam-packed with a busy grid of streets, hills, and alleyways. It's always an adventure to get from point A to point B! Fortunately, it's relatively easy to navigate The City when you know what resources are available. BART, or "Bay Area Rapid Transit," is fast and convenient and gets you to and from SFO (San Francisco Airport). Ride-sharing through companies like Lyft and Uber can get you where you need to go. San Francisco taxi cabs are another great way to get around. And don't forget the Cable Cars! A trip to The City is never complete without a ride from Union Square to the crest of Nob Hill!

Image of San Francisco Cable Car

San Francisco's Fleet Week: October 2-9, 2017

Image of U.S. Sailors and Marines on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Get ready for a thundering display to celebrate our United States Military! This year marks the 36th annual "Fleet Week" - a festival featuring a full airshow, a rescue demonstration from the U.S. Coast Guard, and a parade of U.S. Navy ships underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The airshow features the United States Blue Angels, The Air Force's F-22 Raptor, the ROyal Candian Air Force CF-18, Canadian Snowbirds, and a Breitling Jet Team from France, according to sf.funcheap.com. The Parade of Ships takes place on Friday, Oct. 6. Ship tours run from Oct. 5-9. And the Bark at the Park event honors military, police, and fire dogs as K9 heroes.